<span>The</span> Hotel

D´Door Hotel

A story behind a Hotel

Building located in the center of the city near some of Santiago’s most important historical sites. It was built between 1940 and 1945, and was designed to host Croatian citizens emigrating to Chile.

It belongs to the Junta de Beneficiencia Croata, founded by Pascual Baburizza, a croatian entrepeneur who arrived in Chile after the First World War.

This building, according to the testament Baburriza left behind, sought to “assist people coming from Yugoslavia/Slavic countries or of Yugoslavian/Slavic descent living in Chile, foment all kinds of charity work, instruction or culture in the country, procure the moral, intelectual and material well being of its members without regard of their political or religious creed”.

D´Door espouses the spirit of Baburizza’s words, and is associated with the giving of opportunity, refuge to foreigners, and safety… a home away from home.